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Evaluation Systems and Decission Making Models

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Mantis Business Innovation is a company that was founded in 2017 and is engaged in the development of Evaluation Systems and Decision Making Models for startups, small and medium-sized enterprises and financial institutions. By developing a collection of investment tools, it enables both public and private organizations as well as private investors to evaluate Business Plans and New Ventures in a valid, automated and objective way, quickly and easily.

Mantis Experts

Dr. Christos Ioan. Nikoloudis

Founder / CEO


Dr. Christos Ioan. Nikoloudis

Nikolaos Ath. Rentzis

Co–Founder / Operations Manager


Nikolaos Ath. Rentzis

Emmanouil Ioan. Mimis

Co–Founder / CMO


Emmanouil Ioan. Mimis
  •  Evaluation Algorithm
    Evaluation Algorithm

    Mantis B.I. is based on an algorithm specifically designed to evaluate start-ups through multicriteria analysis and robustness algorithms.

  • Data input
    Data input

    A key advantage of the algorithm is the introduction of qualitative variables that characterize new enterprises after they have been quantitated.Analytical report.

  • Analytical report
    Analytical report

    A report with data for each evaluation and a comparison via ranking for all evaluations of start-ups among themselves.

Mantis Startup Evaluator

A usefull tool for:

  • Universities

  • Non-profit Organizations

  • Municipalities

  • Entrepreneurial Incubators

  • Business Accelerators

  • Businesses

  • Venture Capitals

  • Private Investors - Business Angels

We provide a full analytical report with data for each evaluation you make, and also a ranking between all the startup evaluations.

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